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Laguna Beach, CA


Board Certified Structural Integrator

Advanced Structural Integration Workshops and Biomechanics Trainings

Founding Faculty, New School of Structural Integration

Private Practice:
Laguna Beach, CA


Aimee Kolsby Cadiz is a Board Certified Structural Integration practitioner located in Laguna Beach, CA.  Aimee is committed to helping clients achieve their optimal alignment, balance and ease through various Structural Integration and Biomechanics techniques, including the Rolf Method of Structural Integration 10-Series. She is highly respected in her field as both an educator and a Structural Integration practitioner with 20 years of practical and teaching experience. Aimee's work has proven highly effective and educational for a wide range of clients from all spectrums of life. Her work incorporates Liz Gaggini's advanced biomechanics theory, assessment, and application techniques upon a foundation of Dr. Ida Rolf’s classic ten series of Structural Integration to achieve profound long lasting results. 

Aimee graduated from the Hellerwork School of Structural Integration in 2001,

Over the next 20 years, she built her first private practice in Greenwich Village, New York City and then expanded to include offices in Laguna Beach, CA and Big Bear Lake, CA. At the same time, Aimee studied with teachers of Structural Integration and biomechanics such as Liz Gaggini, Joseph Heller, Jan Sultan, Monica Caspari,  and Tom Myers.  From 2003 - 2009, Aimee assisted Liz Gaggini, advanced Structural Integration teacher, founder of Biomechanics of Adaptable Alignment and Visceral Core Integration, and author of numerous articles on the theory and practice of Structural Integration. From November 2017 - present,  Aimee is one of three to be certified to teach Liz Gaggini's advanced work, The Biomechanics of Adaptable Alignment. She has produced Biomechanics classes in Laguna Beach, CA and Las Vegas, NV. 

Aimee is a founding faculty member at The New School of Structural Integration, (Laguna Beach, CA  since 2009) and was previously on the teaching staff for Hellerwork Institute of Structural Integration in Mt. Shasta, CA, from 2003 - 2009 where she was Mentor and faculty advisor for students attending the Hellerwork Practitioner Training. 

Aimee has a private practice in Laguna Beach, CA. She also teaches advanced Structural Integration trainings including Liz Gaggini's Biomechanics of Natural Alignment Series and hosts a monthly biomechanics study group in Laguna Beach, CA. Aimee currently lives in San Clemente, CA. with her loving husband and her dog, Misty. 


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