Liz Gaggini’s 

Biomechanics of Adaptable Alignment - A Tensegrity Approach to Biomechanics 

Instructor: Aimee Kolsby

Course Description: In Structural Integration, with each session, we endeavor to create further integration for our clients. If we only address part of a misalignment pattern, we are often disintegrating what was, although limiting, an integrated adaptation. However, if we know where to go to interact with the entire pattern, then the changes we create in each session of a Series will be experienced by the client as a more functional and more integrated way to be.  This class presents a whole body system for understanding how the body, as a tensegrity system, balances any one misalignment with an integrated pattern of global misalignment. These global responses affect every joint of the body in predictable ways. Based on the principles of connective tissue adaptability and tensegrity mechanics, this series of courses teaches a full body approach for correcting the structural misalignments that create pain and joint degeneration which greatly disturb equilibrium, balance and integrated movement. 


8-day Format (does not include practitioner exchanges)

Jan 13 - 22. (days off: Jan 17-18).

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5-Module Weekend Format (includes practitioner exchanges)

Module 1: May 4-5, 2019

Module 2: July 20-21, 2019

Module 3: Sep 21-22, 2019

Module 4: Nov 16-17, 2019

Module 5: Jan 25-26, 2020

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