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What is the
Ten-Series of Structural Integration?

The Ten Series of Structural Integration is a system used to align and balance the physical body within its gravitational field by freeing and reorganizing the myofascia, or connective tissue that surrounds the muscles. Dr. Rolf discovered that the body is organized in layers and that in order to create lasting change, the Structural Integration Series must create length and space in the outermost layers before working with deeper, more core layers in the body. Structural Integration is a ‘system’ of ten sessions. The first three sessions are called “The Sleeve Sessions” and cover the superficial fascia, the middle four sessions are called “The Core Sessions” and cover the deeper myofascial structures, and the last three sessions are called “The Integration Sessions” and create structural and functional adaptability within the whole body. 


These are the superficial sessions. The "sleeve" of your body is the outer fascial layer.


These are also referred to as the "deep" sessions. The "core" of your body is the inner fascial layer. 


This is the place where the sleeve and the core meet and interact.

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